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Offerings from Christ

The following Offerings from the Christ were given in response to questions from friends, groups or in individual sessions.
Friends and individuals have agreed to share them with others.  They are updated frequently so please check back to see if anything interests you.


The only condition for using the prayers that have been given is that their use must be exact. It must be the exact wording given, and if there’s any other instruction for doing the prayer in addition to the wording, it must be done specifically. And the words must be kept Holy.

It must be understood and honored that these prayers are sacred gifts. They are gifted in the purest, Holy form. They exist in God and they must not be altered or conditioned in any way. They are gifts, and if used properly they will remain available to humanity. .

It’s important to make sure that when shared, people understand that these are gifts. They are to be honored as God – and they have to be used exactly as given. 


Blessing of Water: I want to give you the five ways to bless water that we would offer at this time—because these things change. For right now the way water is, right now the way the frequencies are, these are the five ways to bless water we would recommend:

Recommended Practices

Other Offerings