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Messages of Love, Light and Grace

The Divine messages posted on this page change as directed by the Cosmic Christ.  You may use the messages through duplication or other means of sharing as long as you do so with absolute accuracy, you do not take the material out of context, you identify the Divine Being communicating the message, you identify the the date of the message and the Light of the Lily website source of the message, and you identify Christina Kennedy, Conscious Intuitive, as delivering the message.

Message Number Seven (April 2015)

Message from the Christ, as transcribed from The Temple of Resurrection Gathering, April 2014

This Message is presented here at this time even though it was given to a small group gathered near Toronto Canada in April 2014. It is even more timely now and you may notice echoes of some of what has been given here in previous Messages.

Many of you have questioned “Why?” I keep getting this “Why? Why? Why?” I can appreciate that you would ask “Why?” but I would prefer that you just say “Yes.” It’s simple. It’s easy. It doesn’t make trouble for me. I just want you now to say “Yes!” Please spread the word to your friends and family, to the Divine above you, to the Earth below your feet. Just share this desire that I have. Say “Yes”- please!

Let go of saying “Why?” I tell you saying “Why?” is all right but there are just too many “Whys’. Now, when you say “Why?” I look at you and I think, “Oh, what’s up now? What’s going on now? What is the need? What is the desire, what is that precious place within this Divine and Holy Soul that needs to know the answer?” Just say, “Yes”. The answer is in the word “Yes”.

Be at peace. Know I love you. My Father adores you. And we are puzzled by some things you're choosing. That’s all right; it’s okay to puzzle us. I know sometimes you may be puzzled at what the Divine is doing, so it seems fair, doesn’t it? But you need to know that we’re just like you. We’re not strange. We’re not distant. We’re living, breathing, and loving beings just as you are. Don’t put us too high. For God’s sake, don’t put us low, either.

But be respectful of yourselves as you relate to us. Remember that you stand equal to me. My Father did not make me greater. He did not! You stand equal to me. Be my equal. If you step forward and look up, and choose to be my equal, I will be a great brother to you. I will be a father to you. I will be a giver of gifts to you. I will be your teacher, your friend and companion, your guide, a lover, a husband, a son. These are all the things I can offer you. But you must come to me. You must step forward. You must look at me as equal. Please do that.

We don’t want these barriers. We don’t want these perceptions that somehow God is too far away, too mysterious, too hard to comprehend. Look at a flower. Let a drop of water rest on the fingertip. Breathe. Let the sun shine on your head. Talk to each other. Listen to each other. When God speaks, say “Thank You. I’m busy now. Can You come back later?” He has a sense of humor. My goodness! Enjoy it, delight in it, and revel in it! Have more fun, and be one with me. You can be one with me. You’re no different than I am. We may express in our own unique way, because we have signatures; we have specialness. God created us each unto ourselves that we may know each other in the Unity of the Father, and yet to be distinctly, uniquely ourselves. It’s the beauty of our God. That is myself and that is you.

Please, please consider these words. I love you. I adore you…

I want you to know that there are revelations that are going to be gifted in the next year or so for the people of Earth. When you become acquainted with these revelations, you're just going to shrug and say, “Yeah, yeah, everybody should know that by now.” It won’t be a great event for you, but nevertheless it will register on you, that the time has come for these revelations to be gifted. They are gifts. Everything is a gift. Each breath is a gift. The joy you feel in the birth of a child. The sorrow you feel when you bury your loved one. All of these things – I tell you, EVERYTHING IS A GIFT. And what do you do when you receive a gift, Great and Loving Ones? You say “Thank you.” It’s so simple! It’s a formula for an eternal life.

I will leave you with this as a closing prayer:

“We Believe, We Adore, We Love, We Cherish. We are Willing, Willing, Willing to be God.

Message Number Six (November 2014)  

Message Gifted from the Christ

Blessings Beloved:

Know that We are here with you always.  Know that We are always with you.  Open yourself to the Divinity that you are.  Open yourself to the Love that you are.  Allow yourself to be. To be with us as we are with you.  See the beauty and perfection in all of God and the perfection that is in you and all creation. Accept that God loves you always – eternally - as you are at this moment.  You are the perfect expression of God’s love.  Move into that Divinity and claim it.
Live in the Holiness of your being and the new Light of God as it envelopes the Earth and all Her children.  Sweetness and Love.  Compassion and Grace.  The time is now to make the alignment to your sacred destiny.  And how is that done?  Be with me as I am with you always.

And now, I thank you.

Message Number Five (October 2014)

Message from the Cosmic Christ

When each individual is ready there will be the exact response in the Divine to them at that moment. What does it mean to be ready? All you want is to live as yourself, your TRUE SELF. That is the moment you are ready and the exact response to that moment is my Father directing to you that which perfectly allows you to know how to swiftly heal, even more swiftly release and in perfect timing to find your way to the right place and right time to receive from Him. I am here and where I am there is all that you need. If you really want to return to your True Self – put it in front of you every day and it will move you forward into it, with His help and in my company. Through you, you will find that Holy Self you long for most.

The One that is never false, or supercilious, speaking gratuitously to feed a shallow sense of importance in your own eyes. No, you as your Holy Self will live, speak and act always expressing your True Nature – to be kind, considerate, acknowledging the rights of others and of yourself at the same time. Let us call this, Honor, for all, as that wonderful, delightful, inspired creation of God we each individually are.

Help is always there when you need it even when you think this is not so. Full Self Realization, a return to that True Self, the Holy Self is always in Loving Presence. I promise you this can be, for each of you. Enter my Way and I will show you how, and accompany you on the journey. Then, my friends, everything opens before you. And you are so ready to know yourselves again. Desire that, and the rest will follow.

So Be It Message Number Four (September 2014)Message from the Cosmic Christ When We call the names of each of you at the hour of your Ascension you will know the long awaited time has come. All on Earth will be called and it will feel as if you had never left God, which in fact you never did. In order to be most ready for your name to be called you simply have to do this. Say “Thank You”. You may feel you already do say “Thank You”, maybe all the time, or very often or at least often enough to count as having fully completed this requirement. The “Thank You” you need to say, however, has no words. It is spoken in One’s Heart and sounds like the fulfillment of all your hopes and dreams – in one exalted moment. It happens inside you when you reach that place in your long walk on Earth when you suddenly realize how good your God is and in that realization how good You are too. It is a completing of the Great Circle of One’s journey on a plane such as this. Yes, there have been hard days and days you might wish would never end. But throughout all of your days here, your God has watched over you, protected, taught and healed you. By your living, God has known Himself in ever greater ways. For this you must say “Thank You”.

Please my friends, let these simple words touch you, prepare you, help you recall how clearly you have known this to be True your entire sojourn here “below’.

Be Blessed, and Ever Blessed, My Friends

Message Number Three (August 2014)

Message from the Cosmic Christ

When the time comes, my friends, you must be willing to say “Yes”. This is the only answer for you. Say “Yes” please, so that all the loving goodness of my Father can come deeply into you. All of you can say “Yes”. For so long now on your gently waiting Earth you have tried to find the answer. Dearest my Brothers and Sisters the answer is this – “Yes”!

In this answer is a sweet sound – the sound of your own beauty. Let this sound find you again. Beauty.

Message Number Two (June 2014)

Message from the Cosmic Christ

My concern at this time is that many of you do not yet understand the importance of these hours. Having chosen to move through the many phases of your planet’s evolution you agreed to work closely with her in your own evolution. Each person embodied at this time is responsible for doing their best to move FORWARD, to reach HIGHER, to LET GO. As long as humankind remains attached to this plane there can be no human evolution. So many speak of ascension but do so while continuing their emotional, mental and physical attachment to the past, to things that bind them to form and outdated concepts. Please, my friends, let go. Until you do you cannot know Great Divine that you are. Please – your future is in every passing moment. As you release your attachment to this plane, wondrous Light, perfect balance, harmony and understanding can not only enter into you but to all others and to Earth herself.

Be Blessed

Messages Number One (April 2014)

Message from Mother Mary

Children, my message is short but I desire you take it in deeply to your hearts. I am the Beloved of God and I bless you today in His name. In truth I give to you these words of love. The Christ is with you all in this hour of your transformation. The need for you to do your part is very important. Your part is to be present and available to the Divine above you, within you and around you. In your busyness, in your focus on the material world and your incessant need to control destiny, you miss the opportunity to shift upward to higher truth, expanded awareness and ever-greater consciousness. Please take time every day to make yourselves available to the Divine. Deepen your awareness of the shifts taking place within you and within your world. Make space in your lives to simply BE. We, those who serve the Christ, ask that you choose to participate in the transformation happening within and around you on this sacred Holy Earth. Be at peace and know that we are with you and are doing everything we can to heal, open, connect and expand each of you in ways that serve you best in your Holy journey back to God. Remember we are One. I love you, my children. Be kind today for me.

God Bless you.

Message from Baby Love I Am.

Message from the Universal Christ

Greetings to all of you at this wondrous hour. If you let me, I will help you personally. I will enter your life and world and we will become one. In oneness, we will co-create the New Earth expressed in the light, love and beauty of God himself. It is, as always, a choice not just for you individually, but for all humankind as a collective. The hour is upon you to choose. Will you cling to limitation, material form and the illusion of separation, or will you choose freedom, the power that comes with truth and the ultimate expression of love – God himself? I represent the authority of God and am able to manifest within you and your world opportunities to become your greatest Selves – the embodiment of your God Presence. As you journey back to God, you are given unlimited choices as to what you experience, what you learn, what you co-create, how you serve and how deeply you understand yourselves and the greater Divine that you are. I am one such choice on your way. Think on these things and open your hearts to me. Let me be your Christ; choose me. I am here for you. Just say “I am ready” and I will help you create a Divine reality NOW.