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Books & Music CD's


Street-Wise Ascension by Yoj Chase
The Wise Soul: The Musings of a Man, in the Spirit of Wisdom by Steve Williams
Gnosis and the Law by Tellis S. Papastravro
Quiet Talks with the Master by Eva Bell Werber
The Masters and the Path by CW Leadbeater
At the Feet of the Master by CW Leadbeater
The Art of Spiritual Healing by Joel S. Goldsmith
Alice Baily Book Series
The Divine Journey by Nikki Friedlander
MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program by Machaelle Wright
The Language of Plants - A Guide to the Doctrine of Signatures by Julie Grange
Time to Be by Helen B
Scheduled to Awaken – The Truth Behind the Clouds by D. Rachaell Saan-Ma
Rebirth of Innocence – Awakening to the Magic of Life by Jeannine Marie Michaelson
Move on Without Me by Susan C. Beer
The Song of Increase - Returning to Our Sacred Partnership with Honeybees by Jacqueline Freeman
Peace of the Heart by Renee Li

Recommended Music CD's

Spencer Lewis
The Silence Between The Words CD
Mountain Air CD
In Stillness CD
Beloved Heartsong
Forever Love CD
Grateful Day CD
Rhythm and Bliss Kirtan CD
Anton Mizerak
When Angels Dream 2
All is Forgiven
The Infinite Heart
Jewels of Silence
The Illuminated Path

Website Links

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Beth Baras - Animal Communicator
Perelandra - Center for Nature Research
Aurelia Louise Jones Material on Lemuria
Aurelia Louis Jones Lemurian Mission Material on Telos
Danielle Brooks - Language of Light Spiritual Work & Counseling
Renee Li - Om Wisdom and Wellness