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Light Language

Language of Light

The Language of Light is used by all Divine creations of God to communicate.  Everything in Creation communicates.  Trees, water, stars, Angels and Gods – all have language.   The Language of Light has its own conscious presence and whenever it is spoken, Light is created by the speaker and travels to the receiver.  Everyone has a language that expresses from their Spirit.  Because we have many expressions in the fullness of our Divinity we can speak in different ways depending on how we are expressing from the different parts of ourselves. When an individual reaches a certain level of light and consciousness, the ability to communicate in Language of Light becomes possible.  Always the return to your own Light Language is by the Will of God, in His timing and at the level He determines you are ready for.
When Christina’s ancient lineage Light Language returned to her, she spoke and sang Angelic Realm Language because at that time she was expressing from her Angelic self.   After a period of intense initiations during which her language was no longer available to her, she began speaking and singing God Realm language. That is the Language of Light she uses in her current work.
During the work, the Cosmic Christ speaks and other Divine Light Beings may also speak or sing in their Language of Light so the language can vary.  It is important to note here that this work is possible because Christina resides in and works within the Unified Field and fully in her own I Am Presence.  In this Field resides everything that is aligned to and is experiencing itself in full God Presence.
When the Language of Light is used, Christina is sometimes allowed to interpret the message in English, or to provide a summary of the message. Sometimes no interpretation is permitted.  Whether you are given English interpretations or not, you are affected by Language of Light, even thought it may not be apparent in this reality.
We'd like too invite you to listen to a Language of Light Divine Greeting, a Father Song, and different Sets of Songs and Prayers that are available to hear below.  Please also enjoy Language of Light Song CDs on the CD Page.

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English Interpretation:

“Beloved our Friends – May all that is good and loving be yours. We all greet you today in that most perfect way - Blessed be our God.  We invite you to remember with us that which gave us our purpose in this world.  That ‘all that is’ waits for us as we journey back to our planetary beginning which was, is and will be the demonstration of our Creators love here expressed as every possible realized potential.  We only see goodness here which comes forth from the understanding that everything is Divine and because it is Divine, it is God. May you come to know yourselves and know therein that you are loved.”