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Life Enhancements

These Recommended Products; Healing and Transformational Services, and Processes can help us all return to the Original Sound of Earth. These are some of the many wonderful things available in our world at this time. If discovering them here helps you in your continuing journey to God Realization then So Be It. The recommendations here are offered in effort to broaden and extend the assistance available to everybody. Everything offered here comes through meeting and working with everyone listed and recognizing the special gifts they have to offer in these special times. There is no affiliation to any of these potential “Helps Along the Way” as shown here and no personal gain by offering them here.


Wild Organic Lavender Products

Created by Christopher Radko with his organic lavender he grows in New York state bringing lavender's Original Sound back into our experience.

His story with Lavender and all of his products and work are available at his website for Radko Hudson Organics

Organic Botanical Perfume
Roxana illuminated Perfume
Roxana Spalenka

Roxana is a botanical perfumer ans her soft beautiful fragrances may be found at Roxana Illuminated Perfume.

When I connected with Roxana's husband Greg Spalenka, the artist who created the painting "Cosmic Mother" which we have used as the art for our CD "Language of Love Songs to Mother" he told me about her work.  When I went on the Illuminated Perfume website I stood back from the computer and let out a great sigh of wonder.  The original sounds of our loving Earth became renewed in such a gentle way.  Her husband responded with the following when I asked if I could bring her gifts to the Life Enhancements page.  His response was so beautifully spoken I wanted to share it with you.  Here it is, "I guarantee you will enjoy learning much from her wisdom of the plants and weaving their essences into works of olfactory art.  It is very pure.  She is very much devoted to the Earth Mother and all her gifts and desires to wake everyone up to venerate her".  Is that not a perfect way to feel again our Mother's Love for us?  And to send it out to others?

Healing and Transformational Services

Medical Assistance Program (MAP)

Where one can work co-creatively with their Higher Self, Nature and members of the Great White Brotherhood to deeply move through healing of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. This can be done on your own time and in a place that accommodates you and is cost free (once the book and/or DVD of a MAP Workshop are obtained for a clear understanding of the processes)

Co-Created by Machalle Wright with Nature – materials and supportive information about working with Nature available at Center for Nature Research at Perelandra, Ltd.

Soil-less Garden Program

Where one can co-create with Nature and the Great White Brotherhood to bring into fruition an idea, a dream, a long awaited desire or goal. Use the same contact information for Center for Nature Research at Perelandra, Ltd available above.

A Guided Meditation

To awaken one’s unlimited potential in unexpectedly wonderful ways – presented by Tom Kenyon as a gift brought through his channeled book titled The Magdalen Manuscript. The
Guided Meditation CD titled “The Alchemies of Horus” birthed in the book by Magdalen is far deeper in its effect than one might initially realize but if used with an appreciation for its source it can be quite transformative. It is available at Tom Kenyon’s website Tom Kenyon: Books, CDs and mp3s - The Alchemies of Horus or at
Amazon The Alchemies of Horus: Energy Meditations from the Magdalen Manuscript