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The Divine focus of this website is to provide a means to give those who seek inner knowledge another source of knowing.  You must find within yourself the recognition of right guidance that you are receiving what you need to know at the time you need to know it.  Blessings to all who receive through this site or share with others what they learn here.

Christina Kennedy, a Conscious Intuitive, has been working with the Cosmic Christ on behalf of others for approximately seven years, and in service to Him has in the past been conducting spiritual readings, Group Gatherings and individual Sessions.   In this current year, we are doing the Cosmic Christ Work Days and Personal Sessions plus now are doing in-person work at the newly established Center for Sacred Arts in Missoula, Montana for those who feel guided to receive in this way.  Please note, however, individual personal readings are no longer available and the work is now only in person at either the Work Days or at the Center for Sacred Arts. 

All are welcome, however, the work offered at the Center for Sacred Arts may not be appropriate for everyone.  One should inquire if they are ready for the more intense work before making any plans to come to Missoula Montana to receive this level of work.
This site has been created to honor the Cosmic Christ and includes Messages, Language of Light communications and songs, and resources to assist you on your journey Home.  There are no personal charges for this work, however, donations and gifts can be accepted for Light of the Lily, established in June 2015 as a Montana State Nonprofit.
The Cosmic Christ cannot be defined in any way that would allow the expansiveness of His Presence to be fully revealed to one.  However, one can by experiencing His Presence understand and know Him personally.  He is Universal – He is the Christ of Creation.  And He is desiring to work with us.  This is His invitation to you.


Original Painting Credit: Brenda Ferguson, Artist - "Bend Over Backwards"