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Gift Giving - Expressing Gratitude

You may express your gratitude for the work and your experiences in several ways. You can ask if there is anything you can do personally. You may be then guided, for example, to say a particular prayer, do an act of kindness for another, or do a ceremony, etc.  You can give however you feel guided in any way or to anyone (individual or organization) but you are asked to do so in the Name of the Christ.
An old friend of mine, Mari Kelley, has a project which may be of interest to you too. If you resonate with the project described here you can make a donation directly to it.  

Mari Kelley, a retired VA Hospital Nurse and co-founder of Los Angeles International Association for Near-Death Studies (LA IANDS), completed a 2-year commitment with the Peace Corps in Northern Uganda.  As a result of her experiences there she created her non-profit ‘Mari’s Cows.’  She is now working in  Zambia and is finalizing the establishment of Mari Kelley’s Foundation as an International NGO – which will allow the donations for Mari’s Cows to get the needed cows to the people in that region.


The Ugandan community was ravaged by Joseph Kony and his LRA soldiers. Throughout her 2-year assignment Mari worked with a prominent charity developing a plan to help repopulate the livestock in her community. (Livestock helps the community improve nutrition and employment.)  She met with community leaders and a veterinarian to plan out the program.

After receiving positive feedback from the charity, she was ultimately told that they would only accept new projects if they impacted at least 1,000 homes. The plan she hopes you will support is to purchase 10 pregnant cows. The offspring will be given to other members of the community through the council leaders, as Mari established. The veterinarian will not only help purchase the cows, but ensure the recipients are properly trained in their care and will follow-up to keep them healthy.

They will purchase as many cows as contributions will allow. You can make a difference. Please consider making a contribution to Mari Kelley's Cows

To clarify, here is a personal message from Mari in Africa:  “The cows are not for beef consumption. They are for dairy farming milk."  This is emphasized to reassure those who don’t believe in the killing of animals as a food source.