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The current Cosmic Christ Work Year began June 1, 2015 and will conclude May 31, 2016.  The first activity at this next level of work was a Cosmic Christ Work Day on the Summer Solstice, on Sunday, June 21, 2015 in Mt Shasta, California, USA.

We will announce on this Events page, as details become available, other Cosmic Christ Work Days and other planned activities.  No registration is required, however, it is recommended to get in touch with the Contact Person listed for an Event to express interest in joining in the work and to receive any necessary information such as directions to location, confirm date, time and particulars, etc.  All of this year’s Events will be held outdoors, unless weather indicates otherwise.

What is a Cosmic Christ Work Day?

An opportunity to join the Cosmic Christ for a Work Day in which we will come together as the Christ guides us and reveals a path to God most needed at this time.    In Spirit we all gather on these days, Above and Below, to open our hearts and minds to the Great Heart of God.  Welcome to the Community of Christ, my friends.   We will work with the Great Father and Great Mother, the I Am Presence and our Sacred Family, together, finding the way into Love, Surrender, Obedient Service, Expanded Consciousness which opens within us our own Loving Christ Presence – the entry way to our own I Am Presence, fully realized and fulfilled in our Individuated Selves.  Unified Concepts of Self and God.  Not just Self Realized but rather a great surge upward into God Realization.  Why now? Why so strong and imperative a call to do this now? Because our Beloved Earth needs us.  Our Great I Am needs us.  Because we have work to do, individually and collectively.  Because, my dearest friends, Time is fast meeting itself again and discovering it is done with being Time.  Puzzling?  What happens during a planetary ascension?  We Exist Complete in God and Time is no more.  We think if we have just a little more time and opportunity we will arrive at that perfect healed, revealed and ‘ready-to-ascend- place’. But we cannot ask God to continue to extend our time concepts here thereby avoiding the moment when it is no more.  At that moment, you see, God expects absolute surrender to the Absolute Will.  That is Ascension.  Your planet has so much help from across all the possibilities in this Universe.  So do you.  This is just one of them.  Come join in the Work Days and other activities this year.  Reach up, into and around your Universal Selves and join in the Celebration and the Victory and the Revealed Christ to Come so that the Holy Way of Earth Ascended can be your new home.  This is an invitation.


If you do not find your way to us in person know that you are there too, in Loving Spirit.  Whatever He delivers and whatever we do on these Work Days will be Gifted through the Light of the Lily in various ways.


His Welcome is this, “Come in Joy, surrendered and open without preconceived agendas or expectations.  Know that in so doing you will already be Blessed.”


These Events are sponsored by a host or hosts and no cost is associated with attending, however, donations of any kind are welcomed by those organizing the event or by the Light of the Lily, an established nonprofit, to further the work at this time and as it is ever unfolding before us.

Go to the Contact page and submit a request if you would like to be added to the email list for ongoing updates...

Personal Sessions are available after the Work Day with the Cosmic Christ for those who have attended, however, this year He will decide who receives in this way, unlike last year with the Group Gathering Individual Sessions where each person attending could sign up if they wished to, Please express your interest to receive a Personal Session and the coordinate the scheduling at the end of the Work Day.


Upcoming schedule:


Cosmic Christ Work Day Events


Bakersfield, California USA

Work Day Only September 27, 2015 10AM to 2PM

Contact:  Karen Singer

Email: limitlesshealing@yahoo.com

Phone:  (661) 587-0383

(Please only call between 10 AM and 8 PM Pacific Standard Time – PST)

                     Cosmic Christ Work Day Flyer - PDF

Cosmic Christ Plan (Special Two Day Event)

Tamworth, New Hampshire USA

Work Days October 3 and 4, 2015 10 AM to 2 PM Each Day

Personal Sessions October 5 and 6, 2015

Contact: Gary Albee

Email:  gary.albee@mykolab.com

Phone:  (603) 236-2251

(Please only call between 10 AM and 8 PM Eastern Standard Time – EST)

                    The Christ Plan Flyer - PDF

Portland, Oregon USA

Work Day Saturday November 21, 2015 2PM to 6PM

Contact: Robin Wise

Email: Makaro.va.11315@gmail.com

Phone: (503) 896-0339

(Please only call between 10 AM and 8 PM Pacific Standard Time – PST)

                    Cosmic Christ Work Day Flyer

Note to All:  Preceding the current year’s activity we presented the Cosmic Christ work in Group Gatherings. Here is a list of the twenty events completed during the preceding twelve month Group Gathering Year which began on June 1, 2014 and concluded on May 31, 2015. The Event locations below were typically a one day Group Gathering followed by an opportunity for one to receive an Individual Session with the Cosmic Christ for those attending the Group Gathering.  In the order completed:

Pacific Palisades California USA

Mt Shasta California USA

Richmond, Virginia USA

Asheville North Carolina USA

Hanover Pennsylvania USA

Abadiania Brazil

Seattle (Snoqualmie) Washington USA

Toronto Ontario Canada

Montreal Quebec Canada

New York City, New York USA

Miami Beach Florida USA

Bakersfield California USA

West Los Angeles California USA

Bakersfield California USA (Extra Sessions Only Week)

Las Vegas Nevada USA

Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Waterloo Ontario Canada

North Conway New Hampshire USA

Richmond (Maidens) Virginia USA

Virginia Beach Virginia USA

We want to again thank the Group Coordinators and all who attended and received during the Group Gathering year

ending May 31, 2015.