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Christina Kennedy
Conscious Intuitive


Spiritual Gatherings and Individual Work

As a Conscious Intuitive, Christina Kennedy, working with the Cosmic Christ will conduct Group Gatherings and associated Individual Sessions offered if the Group Coordinator wants to schedule them.  The group work and sessions are unique to each group and individual.  

Christina speaks and sings in the Language of Light as well.  It is important to note that the work being done is multidimensional and affects the totality of one’s being.  This may require a period of integration.

Please understand that although Christina does not charge for her work, she is compensated in the Divine.  She can accept gifts of Love Offerings from Group Coordinators if gifts for the group and individual activities more than meet their expenses.   This is at the Group Coordinator's discretion, as guided.

Occasionally someone will ask if there is anything they can give directly.  Spirit sometimes will suggest an action on behalf of another or a ceremony of gratitude or a divine activity of some kind.  An opportunity to Gift to a non-profit is provided on this website.